Hello-again! A post from Noreen Rees

I’ve always thought the saying ‘what comes around goes around’ a bit naff. I still do. But how else to describe why I’m here writing a blog on Cloud Nine’s website over ten years after I left the Steering Committee? When I left I hadn’t had a big bust up with Mr Mortimer. I’d been commissioned to write Shipwreck! Beware the Black Middens for Tynemouth Pageant, and felt that I needed to commit my energy to that. And over the intervening years although I was an audience member at Cloud Nine performances (and a later reviewer of some) it’s only recently that I’ve managed a comeback to the Cloud Nine Steering Committee. Of course you can’t go barging your way onto the committee. I was asked (nicely of course!) and accepted (graciously). Personally I think it was on the strength of my large table and abundance of chairs (over a dozen)! But it’s good to be back, though in the 1990s meetings were prolonged with several glasses of wine and a visit to the pub. These days it’s herbal tea and nibbles.

Someone else I’m glad to say who’s also made a comeback to the Steering Committee recently is Diane Legg. She and I were Cloud Nine founder members back in 1997. Diane appears not to have aged at all, but that could be down to her being a much better actor than myself. My acting debut was as the rather stupid tramp, Spot (not the most glamorous of roles!) in the very first Cloud Nine production, The Trip. In that Diane played a housewife from the Meadow Well Estate, mother of a very young son played by Dylan Mortimer. Diane has continued to act, appearing in Death at Dawn as the mother of a grown up son (coincidence rather than typecasting). But for me The Trip was my zenith as far as acting was concerned. Since then I’ve only acted in performances that don’t require lines to be learned and cues to be taken. Anything more demanding would make me as anxious as a bungee jumper on a thin rope!

However, on my return to Cloud Nine Steering Committee I hope I can bring some of my newly learned journalistic skills to the role of website ‘overseer.’ This means that I help to look after content on the website but don’t do techie things-that’s Brian’s job.  So I hope to be enlisting people associated with Cloud Nine to write a blog from their unique point of view. I have some people in mind. Expect a knock on your door (well your inbox!). And I also look forward to bringing ideas and suggestions to Steering Committee meetings.

Updated: July 15, 2015 — 2:07 pm
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