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The End of the Pier began life as an idea I wrote down on a post-it note.  I scribbled down “A plans to kill B – and B plans to kill A – at the same time.”  I then had a second idea which I shouldn’t really tell you about because if I do I’ll be giving a bit of the plot away.  I love writing comedy thrillers and this seemed like a good enough pretext to get me started – so I did.  When it came to thinking of when and where to set the play and who the characters would be, a song I had recently enjoyed listening to popped into my head.  The song was an old music hall number entitled “Let’s all go to the Music Hall.”  The reason it was in my head was because I’d been working at the time with a Ladies singing group directing their Songs from the Shows production – and this is one of the song’s they had been rehearsing – and I loved it.  So with that in mind I decided upon Edwardian England as my time frame and a music hall dressing room as my setting.  The last play I’d written, “Remember Jim” was also set in a dressing room – all be it a contemporary one.  I wondered if I was just repeating myself. I thought a while – and then came to the conclusion that I was – but was also more than happy to do so.  I was reminded of the play Plazza Suite by Neil Simon – three different plays all set in the same hotel room.  Well, if it worked for Mr.Simon…etc…etc.  And so to the characters – who would they be?  Well a music hall duo sounded like a good idea and then I thought, “Why would these two people consider killing each other.”  The answer was simple – They’ve been married for twenty-five years!  And so we have Lionel and Edith Bosh – the rather inappropriately named duo – The Lovebirds.  Once I had all that in place I structured a comedy plot, added two more characters and then set about writing the thing – the thing became “The End of the Pier” and if you do come to see it, I hope it makes you laugh and I hope you leave the theatre feeling entertained.

Best wishes.  Neil Armstrong.

Updated: April 21, 2016 — 3:56 pm
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